Thursday, August 17, 2017

Barbie's newest addition to the family is a dog that poops

Credit:  In The Know

These Lego-like blocks let you build your own walls

Credit: Cheddar

This is how astronauts wash their hair in space

Credit:  NowThis Future

Mummification Procedure

Automated and personalized life-saving CPR

Credit:  Futurism

Amazing Trucks Drivers

Credit:  C-VP

Hen's Feeding Frenzy

Credit: Shanghaiist

Catching A Giant Crab

Credit: Vix

Amazing Milling and Engraving Machine

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Peter Dinklage una verdadera inspiración para todos

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8 most bizarre yet awesome uses for old pantyhose

Credit:  Bright Side

India's Oldest Martial Arts Female Teacher

Credit: Zinc

Man plants a tree in the same place every day


Fifty-two skydivers set a record in Norway

Credit: Global News

Friday, August 11, 2017

1968 Computer Revolution Predictions

This ancient Mexican farming method is revolutionising farming

Holandés limpia el río Schie en 5 semanas

Este hombre salvó a 669 niños del Holocausto

Marino Morikawa dedicó su tiempo para salvar el lugar favorito de su infancia

Credit: Nation

Divorced At 10Years Old

The Solar Bottle Bulb Lights Up Homes

Credit: Viral in USA

The most dangerous pet chew ever created: Rawhide!

Credit: Planet Paws

Hair Art - Ursula Goff

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Spinal curvature surgery

Credit:Du Học Debrecen

Source: collect (Nguyen Duy Dung)

Los bebés no pueden tomar agua

Crédito: Vix Madres

La mica está presente en multitud de cosméticos

Police Use Bus to Catch Texters

Credit: Canadian Cops

This store makes the funkiest heels

Credit: INSIDER style

DIY crystals

Credit:  INSIDER

Shotover Canyon Swing is the World's Highest Cliff Jump.

Credit: Thrillist

Tilting attraction on 94th floor of a Chicago’s Hancock Observatory

Credit: In The Know

Foldable electronics!

Hiroshima and Nagasaki: the only use of nuclear weapons in history

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Piojos acuáticos

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El negocio del sacrificio del cabello hindú

Crédito: AJ+ Español

Mitos de la menstruación

Crédito: PlayGround

Racismo en México

Crédito:  AJ+ Español

First Double Hand Transplant

Credit:  Rockets Are Cool

How to Make Amazing Hooklift Truck

Credits: NTD Life
Mini Gear (

These students are racing drones using their minds

Credit: Futurism

Sculpting Link from The Legend of Zelda

Credit: PlayNintendo

You don't have to ask anyone to shave your back anymore thanks to this device!

Credit: Vix

Laser tattoo removal

This is how the best butter in France is made

Credit:  INSIDER food

Guaranteed no wet rain umbrella

These designs turn wheelchairs into works of art

Credit: INSIDER art

This transparent solar panel could turn any window into a power generator

This gravity-defying robot can drive up vertical walls

Strange Insects' Behaviour

These little insects were filmed in Houston Texas and it has baffled NASA
scientists and entomologists around the world ... as to what they are and
what they are doing. It looks like they are trying to tell us something?
Credit: Ascend

11 ways to make old things look new

Credit: Bright Side

Horse Hair Raku

This implant allows augmented reality to exist within your eye – no glasses or headset required

Poop Is Being Turned Into Fuel