Saturday, January 28, 2017

11 Cosas que hacen las personas mentalmente fuertes

They thought the fake baby monkey had died and held a 'funeral'

Gracias a este genial invento ella puede disfrutar del mar

Singapur ha demostrado que personas y animales pueden convivir en armonía en una gran ciudad

La laguna azul es un spa geotermal ubicado en Islandia

A giant chunk of Antarctic ice is about to break off and could raise global sea levels 4 inches

Starfish walk on the beach

El cumpleaños 50 de una tortuga

Amazing 3D Street Painting!

Watch the accuracy and configuration!!!

Easy Hairstyles

These Houses Made Of Trash Produce Their Own Electricity

Hostal Casa en el Agua

Nezahualcóyotl,: Monarca de Texcoco

Friday, January 27, 2017

Enotel Acqua Club Porto De Galinhas, Brazil

Un ruso levanta una iglesia de nieve en un pueblo siberiano

Islandia, el mejor país del mundo


Eyeliner Stencils help create the perfect wing in seconds

This city created a floating bike path to ease pollution

Drawing cute animals from words

These scooters are making the case for a carless future

Underwater Hotel

Expertos en pelar frutas

How To Make French Dip Sliders

This horse sculpture is made entirely from wood and it even includes a hoofbeat sound

There are toxic, dangerous chemicals in our food that are illegal in Europe

Hair 'On Fire'

Bacon Braid Taco Shell

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Están mutilando y sirviendo pulpos VIVOS en restaurantes Estadounidenses

Portable Woodburning Stove

This microscope only costs $1

This janitor built himself a multimillion-dollar oil empire

People are loving pizza served in cones

Sitting down too much can age women by 8 years

Sweden launch taxi-pod to combat pollution

Body suit that will help give elderly people strength and support for their bodies

The world in slow motion

Seven-Layer Dip Cups

El hombre que bebe bolsas

Sunday, January 22, 2017

The best pastry chef in Paris makes the most inventive desserts

Mamá cultiva Cannabis

Museo Atlántico de Lanzarote, el primero subacuático de Europa

This is the steepest roller coaster in the world

Beauty vloggers are finding thousands of dollars worth of makeup in dumpsters

Emergency-breathing device

Sidewalk cleaning machine

How surgeons remove kidney stones

Spiral Pump - Water Pump Wheel

Taipéi ha levantado un bosque en medio de la ciudad

Recoger agua que viene del cielo

Un millón de personas en la capital peruana no tienen una red adecuada de suministro de agua. 
Te contamos cuál es el ingenioso método de Abel Cruz para conseguir y llevar el preciado líquido
 adonde no hay

Car Cane

In Germany each bottle has a value

You give and receive the amount paid. Can receive in euro or trade for shopping at the supermarket!

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Cooperativa de prostitutas en Holanda

These natural pools in Mexico hang off the side of a cliff

Using a billion-pixel camera, astronomers have created one of the most detailed maps of our galaxy ever

The World Largest San Alfonso Del Mar Resort Swimming Pool

El futuro de las fotos: sonríe y esconde las manos

This app can detect deadly diseases in just 30 seconds

Be careful with your selfies!

Grow Your Own Crystals

Stop shouting at your kids

The Earth doesn't need us to continue existing

Adiós al circo más antiguo del mundo

Amazing Food Carvings

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Antarctica is breaking apart

Amazing Table

Tiramisú fácil

What Happens When You Have A Disease Doctors Can't Diagnose: ME/CFS

New device can keep the heart beating perfectly forever

How to scare the hell out of your coworker prank

How to survive a fall through frozen ice

The nature in Norway is breath-taking

Stunning $1.5 billion stadium being built for the Atlanta Falcons

Giant Mechanical Steampunk Elephant

The first China to London freight train has arrived in Barking

Gorgeous Hairstyle

Las transfusiones de sangre más polémicas del mundo

Chicken Bacon Chipotle Balls

Goblet of Fire cocktail

Stuffed Cheeseburgers

Enchanting Enchiladas

Electron Microscope

Pailon del Diablo, Ecuador

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Here's what NASA saw when it landed on Saturn's largest moon


Hand lettering is even more beautiful in ombre

Kinetic Skull Sculpture

Magnetic sculpture looks like it's eating black paint

Puerto Rican Coconut Fry Bread - Arepas de Coco

3 useful tricks for cleaning without using harsh chemicals

3-Cheese and Herb Garlic Bread

Pastel de Pavo con Queso

Mousse de Mango

Mine Cleaner Ball - Futuristic Tumbleweed

Transparent Kayak

Coconut might be the 'meat' of the future

Layered Pools in Turkey

No-Bake Chocolate Peanut Butter Cheesecake

Egg Breakfast Cups

A design studio in Copenhagen makes marbled wood floors

¡Esta casa cambia de forma!

Terrifying Sea Monsters

This Super Strong Putty Can Fix Anything

Ingenious (but also illegal)

Palm Tree Wood

Cala Mariolu en Cerdeña, Italia

¡Ideal para los viajes largos!

Tomato Soup Dumplings

$1 Billion 'Star Wars' Museum

Starting Work Before 10am Is Biological Torture

Inyecciones menos dolorosas

Painting of a polar bear and its cubs by Marcel Witt

Monday, January 16, 2017

Natural Pools In Portugal

99-year-old tattooist

This photo-series highlights the problems with overmedicating veterans

This Door Lock Keeps Classrooms Secure In Emergency Lockdown Situations

The Bloody Involvement Of The US In El Salvador

During El Salvador's bloody civil war, the U.S. provided a total of $4.25 billion in political
 and military aid. An estimated 75,000 people were brutally killed.

Doctors are hoping they've found the cure for peanut allergies

Un pueblo entero contra el abuso de los magnates

The 'data paintings' transform real measurements into works of art

A new law in France was created to encourage healthy body standards

Waffled Margherita Pizza

Clothes Marbling

Relato curioso

¿Eres una persona solitaria?

Amazing Tightrope Walking

Strip House is world-famous for their 24-Layer Chocolate Cake!

Ocho personas poseen la misma riqueza que la mitad más pobre del mundo, según un informe de Oxfam

Supermarkets in Italy have to donate unsold food to the needy — thanks to this new law

How To Grow Vegetables From Kitchen Scraps


Prisons in America vs Prisons in Norway

Flying workout with new VR device

Shape Your Beard

Giant Steamer

Harvesting Kinetic Energy From the Ocean

9 Hot Glue Gun Life Hacks

Caverna de Conchos, Portugal

Es un túnel de 1,519 metros, construido en la Sierra de la Estrella en Portugal en 1955, para asegurar el desvío de aguas de Rivera de las Naves a Lago Largo.
Y para ver esta maravilla, considerada un tesoro turístico en Portugal, construida por los humanos, pero asimilada por la naturaleza como una de sus formas, se puede hacer un paseo a pie.
Se recomienda estar acompañado de un experto en la zona, ir bien abrigado y zapatos de montaña antiderrapantes, llevar alimentos y bebidas hidratantes.

La educación llega en moto a Afganistán

Old-School Blueberry Fritters

Hand Drum Performance

Motivación de 'peso'

Most Consecutive Stairs Climbed While Balancing A Person On The Head

Walking strong: These acrobat brothers from Vietnam stepped up to an 
incredible record-breaking challenge >

Plastic brick houses

3-year-old chef prodigy

Sweet Plantain & Ground Beef Empanadas

Practical helper for disabled and elderly people

La Isla de los Cerdos en Bahamas

Así se asfalta una carretera en Australia

Depression can affect your stomach

'Pilot', the language translating earbud