Monday, March 6, 2017

Stop tossing your old coffee grounds. Here are 15 genius ways to reuse them around the house


Regardless of how you make your coffee, you will always be left with leftover, old coffee grounds. While our first instinct may be to throw these away, consider saving them instead.


It turns out, coffee grounds can be very useful if used properly. Try some of these fantastic ideas out yourself!

Use It As Fertilizer

Coffee grounds are great fertilizer substitutes. They can help improve drainage and water retention in the soil. On top of that, they are known to attract earthworms which help make your plants happy.



Pest Deterrent

Coffee grounds will keep cats, slugs, and snails from your garden and yard. Throw some out around the house to repel these unwanted pests.



Carrots Love Coffee Grounds

If you mix coffee grounds with carrot seeds, you will see an increase in the quality and size of the produce. Cool, right?



Compost it, Don’t Trash it

If you are not ready to use coffee grounds as fertilizer, at least compost it. This will add nitrogen to a potential “future batch” of fertilizer.



Get Rid Of Grease And Grime

Dirty pans are the worst, but fortunately, coffee grounds help remove a lot of the tough grease.



Smelly Fridge?

Remove the unpleasant smell from your fridge. Dry out some coffee grounds and place them into a container on one of the fridge shelves.



Smelly Sink?

If your sink disposal smells (mine does!) then use coffee grounds as a natural deodorizer. Follow this recipe to make it!



Freshen Your Hands Naturally

Rub coffee grounds into your hands like soap and then wash. This will help eliminate any unwanted odors from preparing foods such as onions and garlic. It will also soften your hands too!



Hide Scratches On Dark Wood Furniture

If you have scratches on your wooden furniture, then coffee grounds can be used to help reduce the noticeability of the scratched areas.



No More Messy Fireplace

With the winter season in full force, many of us are turning on our fireplaces. However, an unpleasant side effect is the mess that the fireplace creates.
Next time, sprinkle coffee grounds on the bottom of the fireplace to help keep the ashes from flying around as you scoop them.



Air Freshener

Love the smell of coffee shops? Then use coffee grounds to recreate the same smell in your own home. Visit this link for more details.



Coffee Candle

Coffee grounds can be used in a recycled candle, which is sure to add to the decoration of any room. Follow the steps here to make one.



Soften Your Skin

Coffee is rich in antioxidants as well as caffeine which makes it useful for skin care. Create this DIY Coffee Body Scrub by following these directions.



Coffee-colored Hair

Massage coffee grounds into your hair while washing to help make your hair smooth and shiny. The grounds will also help darken you hair!
This is only recommended for brunettes and grey-haired people.


Did you know coffee grounds can reduce cellulite? Just watch the video below: